The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

January. 03,2005      
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The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson is an American late-night talk show hosted by Scottish American comedian Craig Ferguson, who is the third regular host of the Late Late Show franchise. It follows Late Show with David Letterman in the CBS late-night lineup, airing weekdays in the US at 12:37 a.m. It is taped in front of a live studio audience from Monday to Friday at CBS Television City in Los Angeles, California, directly above the Bob Barker Studio. It is produced by David Letterman's production company Worldwide Pants Incorporated and CBS Television Studios. Since becoming host on January 3, 2005, after Craig Kilborn and Tom Snyder, Ferguson has achieved the highest ratings since the show's inception in 1995. While the majority of the episodes focus on comedy, Ferguson has also addressed difficult subject matter, such as the deaths of his parents, and undertaken serious interviews, such as one with Desmond Tutu, which earned the show a 2009 Peabody Award.

Seasons & Episode

Seasons 11 : 2014


73 Episode


Episode 1 - Ray Liotta / Annaleigh Ashford
September. 01,2014

Episode 2 - Carrot Top / Gwendoline Christie
September. 02,2014

Episode 3 - David Arquette / Inbar Lavi
September. 03,2014

Episode 4 - Rachael Ray / Ted Alexandro
September. 04,2014

Episode 5 - Seth Green / Lynette Rice
September. 05,2014

Episode 6 - Katey Sagal / Michael Irvin
September. 08,2014

Episode 8 - Cheryl Hines / Lawrence Block
September. 10,2014

Episode 9 - Wendie Malick / Ben Mezrich
September. 11,2014

Episode 10 - Nikki Reed / Peter May / Paul McDonald
September. 12,2014

Episode 11 - Kevin Bacon / The Bacon Brothers
September. 15,2014

Episode 12 - Terry Bradshaw / Joel Stein
September. 16,2014

Episode 13 - Paul Reiser / Aimee Garcia
September. 17,2014

Episode 14 - Sharon Osbourne / Carmen Lynch
September. 18,2014

Episode 15 - Morgan Freeman / Genesis Rodriguez
September. 19,2014

Episode 16 - Bill Hader / Scott Bakula
September. 22,2014

Craig welcomes actors Bill Hader and Scott Bakula.

Episode 17 - Lauren Graham / Ed Weeks
September. 23,2014

Episode 18 - Judd Apatow / Jackie Guerrido
September. 24,2014

Craig welcomes writer Judd Apatow and weather-anchor Jackie Guerrido.

Episode 19 - Mel B / Ben Schwartz
September. 25,2014

Craig welcomes actress Mel B and actor Ben Schwartz.

Episode 20 - Ben Kingsley / Bojana Novakovic
September. 26,2014

Craig welcomes actor Ben Kingsley and actress Bojana Novakovic.

Episode 21 - Jim Gaffigan / Wolfgang Puck
September. 29,2014

Craig welcomes comedian Jim Gaffigan and cook Wolfgang Puck.

Episode 22 - Don Rickles / Eiza González / Daniel Sloss
September. 30,2014

Episode 23 - Patton Oswalt / Chandra Wilson
October. 01,2014

Episode 24 - Joe Theismann / Lauren Cohan
October. 02,2014

Episode 25 - Nick Lachey / Chloe Bennet
October. 03,2014

Episode 26 - Carson Kressley / Rampage Jackson
October. 13,2014

Episode 27 - James Marsden / Kristen Schaal
October. 14,2014

Episode 29 - Josh Jackson / Kara Cooney
October. 16,2014

Episode 30 - Sean Hayes / Weird Al Yankovic
October. 17,2014

Episode 31 - Sarah Paulson / Jim Rash
October. 20,2014

Episode 32 - Pierce Brosnan / Krysten Ritter
October. 21,2014

Craig welcomes actor Pierce Brosnan and actress Krysten Ritter.

Episode 33 - Jason Schwartzman / Jacqueline Toboni
October. 22,2014

Episode 34 - Shailene Woodley
October. 23,2014

Episode 35 - Tenacious D / Jack McGee
October. 24,2014

Episode 36 - Ray Romano / Tessa Thompson
October. 27,2014

Craig welcomes actor Ray Romano and actress Tessa Thompson.

Episode 37 - Quentin Tarantino / Toni Trucks
October. 28,2014

Craig welcomes director Quentin Tarantino and actress Toni Trucks.

Episode 38 - Justin Long / Angélica Celaya
October. 29,2014

Episode 39 - Cedric the Entertainer / Jayma Mays
October. 30,2014

Craig welcomes actor Cedric the Entertainer and actress Jayma Mays.

Episode 40 - Ted Danson / Alingon Mitra
October. 31,2014

Craig welcomes actor Ted Danson, comedian Alingon Mitra performs stand-up.

Episode 41 - Joel McHale
November. 03,2014

Episode 42 - Bob Newhart / Melissa Rauch
November. 05,2014

Episode 43 - Marion Cotillard / Ross Matthews
November. 06,2014

Episode 44 - Jimmy Kimmel / Yvette Nicole Brown
November. 07,2014

Episode 45 - Eric Idle / David Tennant / Parmalee
November. 10,2014

Craig welcomes comedian Eric Idle and actor David Tennant. Parmalee perform "Close Your Eyes".

Episode 46 - Valerie Bertinelli / James Oswald
November. 11,2014

Episode 47 - Steven Wright / Michaela Conlin
November. 12,2014

Episode 48 - Simon Helberg / Gillian Jacobs
November. 13,2014

Episode 50 - James Hetfield / Lars Ulrich / Metallica
November. 17,2014

Craig welcomes musicians James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich, Metallica perform "Hit the Lights"

Episode 51 - Jane Lynch / Metallica
November. 18,2014

Craig welcomes author Jane Lynch, Metallica perform "Fuel".

Episode 52 - Malin Akerman / Claire Holt / Metallica
November. 19,2014

Craig welcomes actresses Malin Akerman and Claire Holt. Metallica perform "For Whom The Bell Tolls".

Episode 54 - Cillian Murphy / Jennifer Carpenter / Metallica
November. 21,2014

Craig welcomes actor Cillian Murphy and actress Jennifer Carpenter. Metallica perform "Sad But True".

Episode 55 - William Shatner / Erin Foley
November. 24,2014

Episode 56 - Kristin Chenoweth / Michael Ealy
November. 25,2014

Episode 57 - Wayne Brady / Alison Becker
November. 26,2014

Craig welcomes comedian Wayne Brady and actress Alison Becker.

Episode 58 - Kat Dennings / Jermaine Fowler
November. 28,2014

Episode 59 - Lisa Kudrow / Dominic Monaghan
December. 01,2014

Episode 60 - Ariel Tweto / Henry Winkler
December. 02,2014

Craig welcomes actor Henry Winkler and reality TV star Ariel Tweto.

Episode 61 - Don Cheadle / Mary McCormack
December. 03,2014

Craig welcomes actor Don Cheadle and actress Mary McCormack.

Episode 62 - Drew Carey / Max Greenfield
December. 04,2014

Craig welcomes actors Drew Carey and Max Greenfield.

Episode 65 - Michael Sheen / Ben Schwartz
December. 09,2014

Craig welcomes actors Michael Sheen and Ben Schwartz.

Episode 66 - Mila Kunis / Bob Saget
December. 10,2014

Episode 67 - Kunal Nayyar / Sarah Chalke
December. 11,2014

Episode 68 - Rashida Jones / DJ Qualls
December. 12,2014

Craig welcomes actress Rashida Jones and actor DJ Qualls.

Episode 69 - Jon Hamm / Tim Meadows
December. 15,2014

Craig welcomes actor Jon Hamm and comedian Tim Meadows.

Episode 70 - Larry King / Angela Kinsey
December. 16,2014

Episode 73 - Jay Leno
December. 19,2014

In this final episode Craig welcomes comedian Jay Leno.

Seasons 10 : 2013


210 Episode


Seasons 9 : 2012


210 Episode


Seasons 8 : 2011


210 Episode


Seasons 7 : 2010


210 Episode


Seasons 6 : 2009


210 Episode


Seasons 5 : 2008


210 Episode


Seasons 4 : 2007


171 Episode


Seasons 3 : 2006


207 Episode


Seasons 2 : 2005


205 Episode


Seasons 1 : 2005


141 Episode



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