The Wacky World of Tex Avery

September. 29,1997      
Trailer Synopsis

A series of belly-laugh-funny short segments each starring different characters including the Roman centurion Pompeii Pete, an inept conqueror and the little princess he cannot conquer, the lamest super hero on 4 legs, the world's first inventor, the ultra pesky Freddie the Fly and the wackiest hero in the old West, Tex Avery himself.

Seasons & Episode

Seasons 1 : 1997


195 Episode


Episode 1 - Rodeo, Rodeo, Where For Art Thou Rodeo?
September. 29,1997

Tex Avery and Sagebrush Sid compete to become the clown in the rodeo.

Episode 2 - The Dis-Orderly
September. 29,1997

Dan thinks he can scam a hospital.

Episode 4 - The Not-So-Great Train Robbery
September. 30,1997

Sagebrush Sid is determined to rob the gold shipment on today’s train.

Episode 6 - Martial Blitz
September. 30,1997

Amanda is attending the social event of the year.

Episode 8 - Cruisin' for a Bruisin'
October. 01,1997

Fed up with flies, Amanda decides to put to sea on a cruise ship to escape.

Episode 9 - Breakfast in Bedlam
October. 01,1997

Maurice decides to prepare breakfast in bed for his Ma and Pa.

Episode 16 - Mine, Mine, Mine
October. 03,1997

It’s double-cross to see who gets the shaft, er, the mine.

Episode 17 - Stupe Du Jour
October. 04,1997

Phony television chef Dan Du Jour is a tyrant with his staff!

Episode 19 - Silence of the Lames
October. 05,1997

Amanda does her social duty by volunteering at the local library.

Episode 23 - Say Goodnight Freddy
October. 06,1997

Amanda has a big photo session tomorrow morning.

Episode 24 - Quiet Please
October. 06,1997

All Dan really wanted was a good nights rest.

Episode 28 - Greek A-Boo
October. 08,1997

Ghengis arrives in Athens where he intends to conquer Greece.

Episode 36 - Caveman and Wife
October. 10,1997

Einstone meets a sexy cave babe and gets hit by Cupid's club!

Episode 38 - Wish Upon a Star Traveler
October. 11,1997

A time traveler comes from the future to pick one caveman to bring back with him.

Episode 39 - Mile High Fly
October. 11,1997

Amanda tries to squash Freddy but can’t seem to crush him.

Episode 41 - Himalaya Down and Die
October. 12,1997

Khannie is back in her native Asia when Genghis attacks the Himalayas.

Episode 45 - Bank You Very Much
October. 13,1997

Pooch & LB join the cops in foiling a bank robbery.

Episode 47 - Chicken Scouts
October. 14,1997

Mooch tries to cook Maurice on the campfire.

Episode 51 - Is There a Doctor in the Cave?
October. 15,1997

Einstone opens the Einstone School of Medicine to teach how to help fellow cavemen.

Episode 52 - Ever Herd of Cows?
October. 16,1997

Cattle rustler Sid is determined to steal Tex's herd of steers.

Episode 55 - Not Even a Sporting Chance
October. 17,1997

Sid is an outlaw trying to steal gold from Tex's fort.

Episode 62 - Bug to the Future
October. 19,1997

Amanda inadvertently locks Freddy in the freezer.

Episode 66 - The One That Didn't Get Away
October. 20,1997

When Maurice goes fishing, Mooch realizes this could be his chance to make a catch.

Episode 70 - The Toothless Fairy
October. 22,1997

Mooch disguises as the Tooth Fairy in hopes of getting dinner.

Episode 71 - A No-Etiquette Barbarian in King Arthur's Court
October. 22,1997

Genghis invades Camelot to make himself King of the Round Table.

Episode 88 - Water You Gonna Do?
November. 07,1997

Tex is lost in the burning hot desert and fresh out of water.

Episode 96 - Slaphappy Birthday
November. 11,1997

It's Maurice's birthday and Clucko the Clown is coming to his party.

Episode 105 - P.P. Loves Fifi
November. 14,1997

Power Pooch falls in love for the first time.

Episode 106 - My Dinner With Mooch
November. 17,1997

The Squab's invite Mr. Mooch over for a family meal.

Episode 110 - Courting Disaster
November. 18,1997

Genghis has finally captured his nemesis, Khannie.

Episode 116 - The Wrath of Khannie
November. 20,1997

Genghis has come to Mars to claim it for the Emperor.

Episode 118 - That's Shoe Biz!
November. 21,1997

Power Pooch drops the Power Shoe in a toddler's lap.

Episode 120 - I'll Take Manure
November. 21,1997

Amanda is determined to win big on her favorite game show.

Episode 127 - Mutiny on the Poultry
January. 01,0001

Mooch plays pirate to catch himself a little Caribbean cuisine.

Episode 130 - Don't Shoot, It's a Shoot
January. 01,0001

Power Pooch foils a major bank heist in broad daylight.

Episode 134 - Income Outcome
January. 01,0001

Amanda goes to great lengths to look poor and evades the Tax Man.

Episode 135 - Asgard Me Not
January. 01,0001

The Emperor wants to conquer the fabled Norse city of Asgard.

Episode 136 - Moochini the Magnificent
January. 01,0001

The fox has a foolproof way to get chicken into gullet: magic!

Episode 138 - Map-solutely Not
January. 01,0001

Genghis attempts to find the elusive home to a Himalayan Great Ruler.

Episode 145 - Duhmesticated
January. 01,0001

Einstone invites some prehistoric women over for a private party.

Episode 146 - Buzzin' Couzin'
January. 01,0001

Amanda summons her country cousin to deal with Freddy.

Episode 149 - Enraptured Einstone
January. 01,0001

Einstone works hard to win the heart of a Cave girl.

Episode 152 - Queen Khannie
January. 01,0001

Genghis is sent to conquer Tiny Island.

Episode 154 - Flea! Run Away!
January. 01,0001

Professor Hydrant has a plan, a very fiendish plan.

Episode 155 - Family Food
January. 01,0001

The Squab family competes on a Family Feud type game show.

Episode 160 - Tex-tra Credit
January. 01,0001

Tex and Sid masquerade as schoolboys to spend time with Chastity.

Episode 161 - Power Puppy
January. 01,0001

Episode 164 - Chicken Fried Cousins
January. 01,0001

It's a beautiful day and Mooch wants nothing to do with Chicken hunting.

Episode 166 - The Dog Who Would Be King
January. 01,0001

Pooch remembers his first home with a loving family.

Episode 167 - Butlervania
January. 01,0001

A documentary on how and where Amanda gets her butlers.

Episode 168 - Gym Dandy
January. 01,0001

Bodybuilder Dan is working out at the gym.

Episode 170 - Dan's Best Friend
January. 01,0001

Dan the Man is cursed by a fortune teller and turned into a werewolf.

Episode 171 - Unsurely You Jest
January. 01,0001

Genghis has had enough of getting hurt while conquering.

Episode 175 - Night of the Living Dumb
January. 01,0001

No one misses the bully-cats when they are run over by truck.

Episode 179 - Toy Prehistory
January. 01,0001

Einstone's captured by a T-Rex.

Episode 180 - Stressed Guest
January. 01,0001

Mooch can't get past the Squabs' security system.

Episode 181 - Sold Out
January. 01,0001

Amanda wants to bid on a priceless heirloom at an auction.

Episode 182 - Dan or Dana
January. 01,0001

Dan the thief dresses up as a woman to escape a cop.

Episode 184 - Justice of the Pieces
January. 01,0001

In the town of Sagebrush City, all the citizens look and think like Sid.

Episode 188 - Time Flies, Chickens Don't
January. 01,0001

In the future, Mooch is finally sick and tired of chasing Maurice around and around.

Episode 190 - The Original Origin Story
January. 01,0001

Power Pooch tells the true origin of the Power Shoe.

Episode 194 - The Stepford Chickens
January. 01,0001

Episode 195 - French Twist
January. 01,0001

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