Aquaman Is Not Bad on Rotten Tomatoes
The film recorded 55 reviews in Rotten Tomatoes, 40 fresh and 15 bad, with an average of 6.3/10; the audience wanted to see a higher index 97%.
Ralph Breaks the Internet Gained Highly Public Praise
The story of Ralph Breaks the Internet told that they entered the world of the Internet for the first time. Vanellope von Schweetz and Ralph Breaks returned to the super-popular partner.
Paramount Pictures Changed Terminator's Schedule Again
Paramount Pictures changed the schedule of Terminator Reboot 6 again.
Warner Bros. Considers Taking Tom and Jerry
Warner Bros. is considering to let director Tim Story take a live-action movie about Tom and Jerry.
X-Men: Dark Phoenix Released the First Trailer
X-Men: Dark Phoenix, made by Marvel Comic and Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, released its first trailer.
​Brett Karen Will Play Batman's Father
Brett Cullen, actor with excellent skills and join in The Dark Knight Rises, Ghost Rider, and Person of Interest, joins Joker and acted as Batman's father Thomas Wayne.
Captain America and Ant-Man on the Set of The Avengers 4
Captain America(Chris Evans), Ant-Man(Paul Rudd) and Black Widow(Scarlett Johansson) teamed up to join in Marvel movie.