Juliet, Naked

August. 16,2018      
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A woman has a romance with a past his prime musician revered by a man in her life.

Rose Byrne as  Annie
Ethan Hawke as  Tucker Crowe
Chris O'Dowd as  Duncan
Megan Dodds as  
Lily Newmark as  Carly
Azhy Robertson as  Jackson Crowe
Johanna Thea as  Rosie / Junior Doctor
Karol Steele as  Cinema Goer / Pub Customer
Michael Chapman as  Deck Chair Man


Jane Brownrigg

It's not often that I laugh out loud in movies but I did while viewing Juliet, Naked. Having loved such films as Fever Pitch. I was not surprised to see Nick Hornby's name in the credits. He has a way with sympathetic characters that always resonates for me. Once again the soundtrack is full of artists I love. I would see this film again...

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Everyone was laughing in the movie theater. The jokes are subtle, clever, original. Convincing acting, real characters, none of that fake, plastic Hollywood thing. I'll even watch it again!

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Haven't laughed out loud so much in a theater in a long time. Simply charming smart and delightful. A film about feeling and being stuck, a very human condition, and attempts (successful and not so successful) to deal with it. Just wonderful acting from all the leads, Ethan Hawke and Rose Byrne in particular. A kid, Azhy Robertson, charming and funny without being too precious. Wonderful believable chemistry, an intelligent and witty "romcom", but devoid of the unrealistic mush and manipulative plot tricks typical of the genre. Finally a movie as good as the Nick Hornby its based on. Oh, and a hopeful ending without saccharine, something much needed. Go see it.

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First, you must like romantic comedies or this will fall short. I like good ones and this earned it's place with Notting Hill. Nice plot twists, great acting and a wonderful soundtrack. This part was made for Chris O'Dowd and Rose Byrne was spectacular. Ethan Hawke played such a loser I almost had trouble understanding what any woman would see in him. However, upon mentioning that to the women nearest me in the theater - including my wife, I was immediately slapped down. They all forgave him. And, it's set in England. What more could you ask for?

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