Thor: Ragnarok

October. 25,2017
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Thor is imprisoned on the other side of the universe and finds himself in a race against time to get back to Asgard to stop Ragnarok, the prophecy of destruction to his homeworld and the end of Asgardian civilization, at the hands of an all-powerful new threat, the ruthless Hela.

Chris Hemsworth as  Thor Odinson
Tom Hiddleston as  Loki
Mark Ruffalo as  Bruce Banner / Hulk
Cate Blanchett as  Hela
Tessa Thompson as  Valkyrie
Benedict Cumberbatch as  Stephen Strange / Doctor Strange
Karl Urban as  Skurge
Jeff Goldblum as  Grandmaster
Anthony Hopkins as  Odin
Idris Elba as  Heimdall

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Movie Queen41

The Best CBM movie of 2017The film is one of the most entertaining of the MCU films so far and a HUGE improvement over Thor: The Dark World. Cate Blanchett as the villainess Hela, the Goddess of Death, is a far better villain that TDW's lame Malekith. Kat Dennings' annoying Darcy and Natalie Portman's bland Jane are not missed at all. Instead, we get Tessa Thompson's badass Valkyrie, who can hold her own in a fight and isn't just there just as a love interest for Thor (Chris Hemsworth). Jeff Goldblum is hilarious as Grandmaster, who runs the gladiator fights on the planet Sakaar. But the real pleasure of the movie is watching the love-hate brother relationship between Thor and his adoptive brother, Loki (Tom Hiddleston). The relationship between the two men was the only redeeming feature of TDW, and it's great to see it expanded in this movie. Also great is seeing Thor buddy up with Bruce Banner/ Hulk (Mark Ruffalo). The only thing I didn't like about the movie was the fate of The Warriors Three. They deserved better than that. But otherwise, it's a great comic book movie.

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_Ragnarok_ is a tough one to review completely without spoiler, so I'll keep this brief:* I was bothered by a small number of things that happened in this movie.* I was in love with a large number of things that happened in this movie.* _Thor: Ragnarok_ is not the MCU's best movie.* _Thor: Ragnarok_ is the MCU's most fun movie.* Can we **please** have a worldwide ban on putting anything that happens in the third act of your movie, in said movie's trailers?Thank you for your time. 4 stars._Final rating:★★★★ - Very strong appeal. A personal favourite._

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Vishal D Makwana

This wasn't a Thor movie at all!---May be this is mostly targeted for children to teenage aged audiences. Humorous, colorful, C.G.I packed, with retro soundtracks. Making a comedy movie formula has worked on Guardians of the Galaxy, and Deadpool already, that doesn't mean that it has to be imposed in Thor too.Not bad if you have cheap tickets, but don't pay extra for IMAX/3D experience (we watched in 3D).**SPOILER ALERT AHEAD**Hulk's (and of course Dr. Strange's) character is somewhat forced into the film. Even his CGI looks cheap too.Odin, why bother casting him in the first place? The all-father, one of the most powerful characters of Thor franchise looks tired and bored to continue with the series.Valkyrie, is she supposed to be a musclebound warrior or some glamorous cat-walking (cheap) cosplaying model?Karl Urban, "Executioner" again. Great choice but poorly portrayed. You once played Judge Dredd Karl, remember that?If it was supposed to be an (officially) funny movie, Korg was the best!!!

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What did I just watch?!---We've clearly hit an era in Hollywood where critics are totally at odds with the general public -and with good taste- with regards to latest blockbusters.From the opening scene, I could tell the comedic tone and the addition of swear-words was a result of Deadpool's success, but unlike Deadpool, the "humour" on display here felt more like an insult directed at the viewer. The horrendous art-style, lifted straight out of 1980's Flash Gordon, was also a slap in the face to the viewer. It's like the director was quite openly laughing at how bad he could make this look and still get away with it because it was super-camp.Then we had the usual feminist incursions, with the lead female villain literally crushing Thor's hammer in her hand (only a hand-full of characters can actually lift the hammer, never mind pulverising it!). And we have a female side-character apparently so strong and cool that Thor is humiliated and made to look puny on a regular basis by her. She's also infinitely stronger than the Hulk who at one point gets knocked to the floor by her... then symbolically stepped on then walked over!I could go on, but this movie already robbed me of 2hrs, so I'll simply finish by saying this is right up there with the very worst movies I've ever seen. This is what happens when communism creeps into entertainment.

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As a longtime Marvel fan, I can't help but wonder WHAT they were thinking---Pros: Chris Hemsworth is great, finally allowed to be the star of his franchise. His performance brings a sense of continuity to the trilogy that otherwise wouldn't be there. The film also has truly hilarious moments, the best of which take place in the Hulk/Thor Gladiator fight.Cons: Everything else. The writing is TERRIBLE. Hela is probably the weakest villain the MCU has ever put out, right up there with Malekith and Ronan. There is no character development and the plot only exists as a joke telling mechanism. The whole film feels like a series of SNL skits that someone tried and failed to link together in a feature film. The action sequences are also deeply disappointing, amounting to nothing more than visual noise.I don't understand how anyone has been able to praise the storytelling in this film. After thinking about it a lot, I can only assume that it's the concept of the film that is being praised, the entire idea of combining Thor: Ragnarok with Planet Hulk and using Hela as the villain in a Thor/Banner buddy cop movie. And I completely agree that this plot is great — it's what had me so excited for this movie. However, the way it is delivered is awful. A basic concept in writing is show, don't tell (i.e. it's better to show your audience that someone is nervous than simply say "He was nervous"). But from the very beginning, this movie tells the audience everything, spoon feeding us enough of a plot to keep the movie advancing in order to tell more jokes. Every big plot point is told to the audience and then never developed. For instance, the film's big twist is that Hela is Thor's sister. Odin tells us that in the very beginning of the movie and then? nothing. It is never developed. We never feel that familial relationship between Hela, Thor and Loki. Compare that to the excellent way that Thor and The Avengers developed Thor and Loki's brotherly bond. It's a definitive attribute of their characters. However, if Hela hadn't been their sister, the movie would have unfolded exactly the same way, it made literally no difference to the film/characters. And there are so many unanswered questions. Was Frigga Hela's mother, or someone else? Would Frigga be okay with Odin locking their daughter away? Ultimately, it was such a random plot point at such a late stage in the Thor mythology and it never ended up paying off or connecting to anything else in the story. And then there's what this movie does to the Hulk. I could rant for a very long time about this, so I will just leave it at this: Ruffalo's Banner/Hulk under the direction of Joss Whedon has consistently been one of the best characters in the MCU. Both Banner and the Hulk have been used to great effect, showing that they can be both heartbreaking or hilarious in the very same movie. This film's shallow, oversimplified version has NONE of what has made the character so amazing in previous films and I find myself worrying that they've actually ruined the character. No, I don't hate that he talks. He's talked before and it's the natural progression of his character to become more intelligent/aware. But the way that they decided to execute this character progression, all in the name of comedy rather than character development, was terrible.The action sequences were awful as well. The MCU has shown through properties like Winter Soldier, The Avengers, and Daredevil that they can produce creative action sequences that are unique in tone, execution, or narrative. This movie did none of that. The action was CGI heavy and indistinct. In Daredevil or a Russo Brother's movie, I can feel every punch that is thrown. In this movie it was an unoriginal mess of visual noise that lacked any sense of scale. Every battle sequence, but especially the final one, fell extremely flat. I also thought a lot of the CGI and green screens were really evident, giving the movie a fake quality. However, this could have been purposeful to mimic the 80's feel the movie was striving for, so I'll give it the benefit of the doubt on that one.My final complaint is one I never expected to have. Two Marvel properties came out in November, The Punisher and Thor: Ragnarok. One of those movies featured gratuitous violence and tried to get the audience to laugh at grotesque images. It wasn't The Punisher. Yes, of course The Punisher was far more graphic and emotionally disturbing, but that is for the sake of developing the character and story and dealing with important issues. Thor: Ragnarok featured several scenes that were just so strange in their violence that they literally took me out of the movie. The first was the introduction of Valkyrie, in which she murders a group of people, literally reducing them to dust, without giving them a warning or chance to run. My jaw dropped and I heard someone in front of me say "Wow, they're going there?" Yet, unlike many other violent Marvel properties, we were never supposed to question if this made Valkyrie a hero or a villain. The next scene that stood out was the prolonged shot of Bruce Banner's shattered, grotesque body on the rainbow bridge. The shot was meant to and succeeded in earning laughs, reducing Banner's uncertain fate to a joke. Certain movies, such as Deadpool, demand these kinds of creative choices to do justice to the character's world and experience. Thor was never one of these characters. As someone who LOVES Marvel, this was the first time I've walked away from an MCU movie feeling completely disappointed. This film didn't seem to respect itself, let alone the rest of the MCU or the people who love these stories. I only hope it won't damage the MCU moving forward.

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Embarrassing, Terrible, Awful. Total Trash.---I was with high spectations that Marvel would do the perfect Thor movie, with Ragnarok background story. My mistake was to believe in this. This movie has nothing to offer, other than silly and not-even-a-bit funny "jokes'. Its like Taika was drunken and write the movie while being kissed by a horse, or a giant flying metal alien whale (Avengers one). There are no good fight/action. There are no chemistry between the characters. The "journey" take them from A to A: they don't go anywhere with this. Hulk seems like a Marvel version of Shrek, from Dreamworks. Its the worst CGI I have seen so far, and I saw Sharknado. The movie could be called "Trash" instead of "Thor. You want to know about Hela? Which Hela? She has only a few minutes on screen, acting more like Rita Repulsa from Power Rangers than the GOd of Death itself. Shamefull. Embarrassing (Again). Sic. MY EYES ARE BURNING! I'm seriously thinking about start a judicial process against Marvel/Disney for that great trash.

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Joke, jokes, more jokes---Was this movie a crappy comedy? Why so many people liked it so much? What was this movie about? What was the purpose of all the jokes? Is this only for kids?Things that bothered me: Ragnarok is supposed to mean the end of the "world" but no one took it seriously. Hela is about to conquer the world and kill everybody let's make a little joke. A fight started, oh, please, another little joke. Thor steps on a banana and falls down, ahahaha, funny. Loki - 0 power in all the movie, 0 spells, 0 abilities, just nothing, where was his power, he was so useless and did almost nothing in all the movie. Hulk - personality of a teenage boy on steroids. Thor - so funny, oh my god, joke after joke. Is he THOR or the kid of Deadpool?I had so high expectations but this movie targeted only the kids with all the not funny jokes.

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Thor Wreck-narok!---Thor: Ragnarok should be about the twilight of the Norse gods and the end of all things (or at least Marvel's version of it). It should be darker than the Dark World. It's not. In fact, it has almost nothing to do with it. But it may well be the twilight of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Or it would be, if we were to stop watching such pauper productions. Marvel movies don't need to be comedies to work. In fact, they shouldn't be comedies at all. They can have elements of comedy, but that's entirely different. Many marvel heroes have a sense of humour, despite their troublesome lives; even through their hardships, they are many times portrayed as having a sense of the comic. But they are not jokers or stand up comedians. Sure, Spiderman is very funny, but his life is one of the hardest in the Marvel universe. To portray Thor, the asgardian god of thunder, as a joker or as a comedian makes no sense at all. He is one of the most sober and serious characters in the Marvel universe. He is not human, he doesn't perceive time as we do, he doesn't think about life as we do, so it makes sense that he doesn't have a sense of humour like we humans do. We could say something similar about the Grandmaster and Hella. Specially Hella. I mean, they weren't able to introduce a single moment of seriousness in the whole movie, not even in characters that shouldn't (couldn't) be laughing like mindless puppets and posing ridiculously every time they appear on screen. It would make sense if Loki was portrayed as mischievous, but that's it. And speaking of Loki, and since this is the Ragnarok after all, they completely distorted the fact that he is the father of the three agents of the destruction of the world: Hella, the wolf Fenrir and the world serpent (there's no world serpent in the movie). Marvel movies can be successful and yet sober. Captain America: Winter Soldier is probably one the best movies of the MCU and it's as sober as it gets. Iron Man (the first installment) deals with the threat of terrorism and weapons trade; it has many comic and funny moments, it's true, but it has a very serious tone underlying it. (This Tony Stark works because of Robert Downey Jr., who is amazing, but the Tony Stark from the comics is paralyzed from the waist down - it doesn't get any more serious than that). Avengers Assemble may not be as sober, but it still manages not to become a comedy show. Sure, Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 was a hit, but it was a joke. It had nothing to do with the first one. It wasn't good. In fact, it was kind of a "prequel" for Thor:Ragnarok - for these comedy shows. And if someone thinks I'm exaggerating, just think about that moment when Matt Damon is portraying Loki in that "theater play". I mean, it's absolutely ridiculous. It looks like a Jimmy Kimmel show!!! I'm sorry, but Taika Waitiki failed. Eric Pearson and Craig Kyle failed tremendously. I really hope that Infinity War isn't a "sequel" to this kind of movie. If it is...please stop. Just stop with this kind of writing. Remember that we, in the audience, are not morons, and that not only kids in their early teens go to the movies. Just think about Logan or Deadpool (not a comedy show, although extremely funny). Forget the PG system, forget the money (you'll make it anyway), forget the special fx. And please, forget this Thor and forget any ideas of turning Infinity War into something like this. If not, we'll have Thanos (Thanos!!!!) cracking jokes all the time...

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Thor Ragnarok... Truly Ragnarok in all the sense of the word.---Whilst the movie was enjoyable I wasn't expecting a comedy. it is a slapstick comedy from Marvel or something that was created for school children. I know that you have to sell a product that doesn't mean you make an action movie or a hero movie Or a superhero movie do a total slapstick comedy full of puns and one-liners making me think I'm watching a 90s superhero movie with 2017 digital effects if you wanted to characterize this as a comedy and then probably I would have given in the higher score but since it was in my word superhero movies it deserves the lowest score that can be given the director was great but if this was meant to be a comedy nothing new or groundbreaking does not even compare to anything good only reason it is getting good reviews is because the rest of the movies in the box office are below par or not superhero movies. Expected a lot but was severely disappointed. Slot of missed opportunities.

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Don't waste money---When you expect Thor and you get Chris Comedy Hour Staring Chris Cringeworth I mean Hemsworth, you start losing faith in Marvel. Besides having to deal with Thor being a complete moron, and I didn't think he could become worse, they surprise me and make him even more of a dull character. Then make Hulk talk! So DUMB!!!! I had hoped for something more deeper than the over the top campy costumes, the cheesy one liners and the God awful dialogue with no plot and practically no real villain, I mean they wasted Hela and she could have been so much more, then they go and add a huge rock that sounds like its sucking helium and goofy chars that make Jar Jar Binks look better! Its so campy and edited so badly. Geez I cannot tell you how much this movie sucked! Oh, I use to love that Led Zep they just over killed it in this movie..lousy costumes, lousy dialogue, terrible editing and horrible movie score. Yeah. WTG Marvel on making the worst Thor ever! I am switching to DC

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