The Girl on the Train

October. 05,2016
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Rachel Watson, devastated by her recent divorce, spends her daily commute fantasizing about the seemingly perfect couple who live in a house that her train passes every day, until one morning she sees something shocking happen there and becomes entangled in the mystery that unfolds.

Emily Blunt as  Rachel Watson
Haley Bennett as  Megan Hipwell
Rebecca Ferguson as  Anna Watson
Justin Theroux as  Tom Watson
Luke Evans as  Scott Hipwell
Allison Janney as  Detective Sgt. Riley
Edgar Ramírez as  Dr. Kamal Abdic
Lisa Kudrow as  Martha
Darren Goldstein as  Man in Suit
Laura Prepon as  Cathy
based on novel
memory loss
missing person
police investigation
ex-husband ex-wife relationship



**The mystery man and the gone girl!**It is one of those films that I thought I saw everything from its trailer. Not just me, many others said the same. Those we were never read the original source. Yes, it was based on the book of the same name. I really liked it. Unpredictable, but once it reveals its secret, it feels so simple that we'd missed. Straightforward storytelling. No flashbacks. Great characters, but that's where the story had a strong grip. Especially when the suspense unveiled, you might say all the earlier events were in the wrong direction, which were intentionally done to divert viewer's envision.An alcoholic woman who daily takes the train to work, witnesses out of the window a woman happily married and living the life of her dream. When one day she sees a mysterious man with her, the tale takes a twist. Following the suspense, what she finds and how the film ends are the remaining part. Emily Blunt was very good. There are other characters, but it was Emily's story, told from her perspective. Recognisable role with an award, but the film's theme was an adult. Not like sexual exploration, but the basic outline was drawn out of such concept. One of the finest crime-mystery in the recent time, so surely worth a watch._7/10_

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ColinJ was right, there's nothing I would add.

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Relentlessly grim yet unengaging, despite a committed performance from Emily Blunt at the centre of it.Fractured narrative can work brilliantly when a master like Christopher Nolan is in charge. This just felt like a boilerplate chick-lit murder mystery thrown into a blender to hide the thinness of its story.

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Well done, complex mystery---Well, I enjoyed this movie to the point I would watch it again to catch some of the nuances you miss during first viewing. The story is a bit complicated with several couples in overlapping relationships, but that makes it interesting. The actors are all good with real responses to the surprise events. Unveiling the main character's, Rachel, story in drunken snippets adds to the tension. Some other reviewers complain about plot points that don't make sense but, in some cases, it's because the reviewer did not understand the plot and the inter-relationships of the characters. Special credit to Emily Blunt and Haley Bennet for portraying the angst in their personal situations.

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Entertaining Mystery---(Big Spoilers) Directed smoothly by Tate Taylor, mystery/suspense movie "The Girl on the Train" doesn't break any originality margins, but it nicely entertains. In the jig-saw puzzle style, Taylor has Emily Blunt, Haley Bennett, and Rebecca Ferguson in a trio of decent performances. The story could be a bit overlong, and somewhat far-fetched in some character reactions and scenes, but I enjoyed the old-school mystery. You have to swallow disbelief in the idea that Blunt's character juxtaposes her recollections of how she acts. Alcohol is a ready-made explanation for this, but anyway, if you're looking to poke holes in the story, you could. And sometimes movies don't deserve the benefit of the doubt, but I found it more fun to just watch this one. 7/10

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Twisty turny brilliance---An avid movie watcher with high standards but this is the first time I felt compelled to write a review. I occasionally browse over reviews once I finish a movie to see what others thought, and maybe be filled in on subtle details I may have missed.I was however disgusted reading a variety of reviews here of shallow minded people that not only put pieces of the puzzle incorrectly together, but couldn't appreciate the superb performance of the main roles.**Don't listen reviews saying "The book was better** Rarely can a movie pack the punch of a book with hundred's of pages into 2 hour movie. To those that haven't read the book, we couldn't care less about details being changed in the movie.It takes a while to get into the movie being that perspective's of multiple roles are shown to give full context. but it all gets neatly wrapped up for a climax at the end. Usually I like to pick apart flaws and poor acting but this was all believable and satisfying. It's a drama/mystery/thriller so you wont be finding any sunshine and butterflies here. Dark and sad is the theme.

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a men version of " Gone Girl " !!---a Great movie , it reminded me another great movie " Gone Girl " by David fincher, I didn't read the novel but the scenario was quiet good and the plot was nicely done, what made me like this book is Emily Blunt and her astonishing performance, I'm not saying that other members of the cast didn't perform, they REALLY did a great job, but Emily was the best. I also liked Halet Benett character, she's a good actress with a bright future, I've seen her this year on "The Magnificent Seven" too. I haven't seen any other works for the director Tate Taylor, but he has done a very good job with this, I'm looking forward to see his future works.

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Superb and amazing movie---Emily Blunt totally deserves an applaud for her acting. She has delivered an masterpiece. This thriller is atmospheric and suspenseful, like the best-selling Paula Hawkins novel it's based on. Emily carries the weight of Rachel's alcohol dependency, an awful cocktail mixed with grief and self-hatred. Its heroes and villains are painted with a one-dimensional brush, either evil and angry, icy, or simply a big hot mess.It almost feels like a lot of The Girl on the Train's potential was left on the cutting room floor, taken out for brevity or simplicity. But characters like these deserve complex treatment. And audiences need more than just the twist in the end if you want to leave them puzzling over a movie after the credits roll. What we get instead is an interesting enough, creepy enough experience. An amazing directed and superbly acted movie.

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Lior Reem

Emily Blunt worth an Oscar!---I read some of the reviews here, and came with very low expectations to this movie, and WOW, what a pleasant surprise! Blunt gives here the show of her life, way above the level of acting in "edge of tomorrow". The story itself takes time to build but it all adds to the atmosphere, and finally you get a fair amounts of twists and turns. Bennett and Ferguson also acting very well, which all adds (to my opinion) to a great film. And to all the men that say it's a "men hating" film, I say that you really have a low self-confidence to come up with such a statement... I would risk to say it's one of my 2016 best films, and I will be surprised if Blunt will not be an Oscar nominee for this film.

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wayne robb

Brilliant---I have been on IMDb for a number of years and always rate the movies i watch. I have not written many reviews,however i think i needed to write this one. This film is brilliant. I haven't read the book but the story was excellent and having read reviews i am disappointed with the negative reviews of this masterclass in story and film making. Do not be put off folks, this was a real thriller mystery and deserves a big 9.the acting was superb,and having been in a drunken state myself for a time they couldn't have put it more realistic. Enjoy its really good, please check my review scores before taking my opinion,i don't like crap as you will see.

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