Office Christmas Party

November. 25,2016
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When his uptight CEO sister threatens to shut down his branch, the branch manager throws an epic Christmas party in order to land a big client and save the day, but the party gets way out of hand.

Jason Bateman as  Josh Parker
Olivia Munn as  Tracey Hughes
T.J. Miller as  Clay Vanstone
Jennifer Aniston as  Carol Vanstone
Kate McKinnon as  Mary
Jillian Bell as  Trina
Courtney B. Vance as  Walter Davis
Rob Corddry as  Jeremy
Karan Soni as  Nate
Vanessa Bayer as  Allison
christmas party
new york city
wild party


David Ehrlich

This is a studio comedy on auto-pilot, a movie that lets its title do the vast majority of the heavy lifting.

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Sheri Linden

With all the sharp comic timing on hand, this party should feel lighter, swifter, more agile.

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Robert Abele

A busy but witless and stale comedy that rehashes every raunchy gag we expect from R-rated comedies, it also wears its hackneyed sentimentality and cookie-cutter underdog story beats as proudly as adhesive nametags.

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Peter Debruge

The movie wants to channel the anarchic spirit of National Lampoon productions and movies like "Bachelor Party," where a donkey dies in the elevator, and it succeeds to a degree.

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Ariel Scotti

For a movie that was advertised as the wildest bash of the year, "Office Christmas Party" has a few too many plotlines and not enough actual debauchery.

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Peter Hartlaub

It benefits from an excellent cast, who seem to be all in. And whenever there s a stretch of extended mediocrity, it s almost always saved by an unexpected moment of politically incorrect inspiration.

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Leah Greenblatt

Office isn t nearly as nihilistic as its veneer; beneath all the criminal mischief and baby-Jesus jokes there s still heart of gold, or at least a big ball of tinsel.

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Moira MacDonald

"Office Christmas Party" is one of those movies that rounds up a terrific cast and then leaves them stranded with nothing to do - like, well, maybe some people at your office.

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A.A. Dowd

This is a "bawdy" big-screen comedy any nervous HR representative could rubber stamp. In its own R-rated way, it s safe for work.

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Guy Lodge

In a film that sporadically attempts to progressively satirize PC workplace culture, the sour smell of misogyny pervades the mulled-wine aroma.

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