In a Heartbeat

June. 01,2017
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A closeted boy runs the risk of being outed by his own heart after it pops out of his chest to chase down the boy of his dreams.




An odd exclusion...---"In a Heartbeat" is a very unusual film. Two students from the Ringling College of Arts and Design, Esteban Bravo and Beth David, made this animated short as their final graduation project. That in and of itself is not unusual. However, when the short was released on YouTube, it received 20,000,000 hits in the first five days!! To this date, over 34,000,000 have watched the film. So, considering how popular the film was, as well as the quality of the project, it's odd that it was not nominated by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the Oscar for Best Animated Short. In fact, it wasn't even included as one of the commended films when the animated shorts were shown in the weeks preceding the Oscars. I have no idea why it wasn't chosen...especially in light of how incredibly mediocre the actual nominees were.The story itself is very simple and is told without words. A gay young man (I am guessing about Middle School age) is smitten with a classmate. To illustrate this, Bravo and David used a heart...a literal show the boy's intense feelings. And, like most intense feelings from teens, he's unable to control the heart...and it literally bursts from the boy's chest and begins chasing after the other boy. What's next? See the film.The bottom line is that this film has spoken to a lot of people and it's very well well made that I am anxious to see more from these bright young graduates.

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nice---...or moving, or touching, or adorable. it is one of films remembering basic experiences and our reactions. two boys. and a heart. sweet humor and delicate way for translate a feeling so familiar and the answers so well known. provocative for theme, seductive for its subject, it is a joy to discover this adorable animation gem. for the right support. for memories and regrets and answers. so, a film about yourself. and not an ordinary one.

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An Emotionally Animated Short Film---Allegorically, like Sherman in this film, my heart was torn from my chest. It floated about as a spirit in search of how the plot would develop. At the film's conclusion, the heart returned to my body along with a warm euphoric feeling. My review of the animated film is simple... So beautiful, that in under four minutes it was able to create such a heartwarming feeling to a worldwide audience. Gay, straight, young and old alike. This is indeed an incredible accomplishment.

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Just Beautiful---You have to watch it for yourself. This little, cute film shows that being gay, straight, and anything in between isn't just about sexual attraction. It's about romantic, love-attraction. I grew up in a small town where I often heard that "gay people only care about sex." This piece of art illustrates beautifully, humorously, and seriously that that just isn't true.

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You would think its from Pixar but better, two college graduates created this---When I saw this up on Youtube, I honestly thought it was from Pixar because of how it looked and how it behaved towards me as a viewer! I thought the animation was well done and yes I was teary when both boys were holding onto the heart while it was cracking. It just reminds of a broken heart you experienced when you were once in a relationship. Literally, you are lucky if you haven't experienced it yet lol! Anyways this little movie was such a great idea to make. There really isn't enough animated movies that haven't touched on gay relationships. Normally its always the story about the girl and the guy wanting to be together. However I would like to see Beth and Esteban be employed with Pixar so that they make a difference in showing off gay romance in all kids cartoon movies. The film industry needs a serious upgrading like!Well done Beth and Esteban for making this come true and congrats on graduating recently! :)

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My Heart Couldn't Take All of This Cuteness---Darn it, internet, why are you always doing this to me? So, I had seen :iconPowerpuffpony1: talk about this short animation, so I decided to watch it myself. About 3 or 4 times to say the least. In a Heartbeat is about a middle school named Sherwin. Sherwin crushes after another middle school boy named Jonathan. I mean, the dude can twirl an apple on his finger for goodness sake. I can totally see why Sherwin developed a huge crush on him. However, he's afraid of revealing his feelings for Jonathon as he feared the possible shaming from the other students, or even worse, Jonathan may not reciprocate his feelings. To make matters worse, his heart leaps out of his chest; no really, it leaps out of his chest, and it goes after Jonathan.So after seeing the short animation, what did I think about it? I completely loved it. Sherwin is simply adorable; he's nervous about his feelings for Jonathan, and he cutely hides whenever he's near him, though some of that can be easily interpreted as stalking. I just really, really found Sherwin a likable character so much so, that I wanted him to succeed. i swear when Sherwin got exposed and his heart was torn in part I was close to tears. I was like "no, this was going swimmingly so far, please don't let this happen!" Or whenever Sherwin and Jonathan were close to lip level, I was practically screaming "kiss him, darn it, kiss him!" Though of course I was screaming internally. Jonathan's heart was also pretty adorable as well, though with him panting like a dog when they were close to Jonathan....yeah, that was a little creepy. As for Jonathan himself, he's fine. I do like how he does reciprocate Sherwin's feelings especially when it seemed as though he was going to reject Sherwin's feelings. However, there isn't really much I can say about Jonathan as he doesn't really have as much character to him as Sherwin does.The animation was beautiful. It boded well with the cutesy feel of the video. For one, the use of lightness and darkness. The light represents danger whereas the dark represents security. In the scene where Sherwin gets outed is in the middle school; immediately, his classmates start to whisper in a sinister tone. And in the shade of the tree, Jonathon and Sherwin began to bond as their hearts symbolically merge into one. I would even say that this animation can rival the likes of Pixar. In addition, there isn't any dialogue in the film. Despite this, you can tell what each character is thinking through their facial expressions. From the first time you see Sherwin smiling longingly at Jonathan from the tree, you can tell right away that he has a crush on him. Or when the two boys are finally in the school building; Sherwin looks at the others in dejection and fear at how they would perceive him, thus causing him to do the drastic and rip his heart in half to escape. Jonathan himself looks at him and the other students in confusion as to what had just transpired, but he also slowly begins to figure it out, and goes to console Sherwin.As much as I loved this animation, one issue that I had with the film is pretty minor, but I consider it bothersome. It's the whole love at first sight trope. Realistically speaking, that kind of affection wouldn't happen, and it gives off the bad impression that anyone could become a couple regardless of whether or not you know enough about the person. But it's a minor nitpick; overall, I absolutely adored In a Heartbeat; it was adorable, the characters are so cute that it makes you want to see them together, the message isn't shoved down your throat, and it uses its animation and facial expressions to convey its story to the watcher. I highly recommend this short animation, not necessarily if you are gay or whatever, but if you're an animation lover.

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high praise---This is unarguably a finely-tuned, short animation that tells a touching, universal story without words. The creators of this short have done noble work, as artists, as story tellers, as social commentators and as humanists. The awards should be forthcoming, and are well deserved.

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Adorable and incredibly symbolic---Within 4 minutes, I felt a whim of emotions that most hour long movies can't open my mind and heart to. The animation is eye candy and the symbolism is very poetic.Another truly wonderful thing this film accomplished is that given the political topic of LGBT support, this film innocently opens not only our minds, but also our hearts to those who do face unnecessary judgment for something as innocent as a grade school crush. And to establish such a strong defense with 0 dialog is beyond incredible.I recommend everyone to not only watch this but to spread it to as many friends as you can. Share the beauty and love that this film offers

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If there's one thing I support more than LGBQ it's good art---And this is not art. This is just another short film in the current trend of "let's make animated films that are basically kids movies but sell them to teenagers and young adults because they feel nostalgic for Pixar and haven't yet found out what good cinema is" except that this has a gay twist which means if you hate it, clearly you must be a conservative asshole. But really what does this 'short film' bring to the table? There have been countless short films about young (gay) lovers and there have been probably even more good animated short films that actually try a new style. This just is as clichéd as it gets, just imitate Pixar, make it gay and voila you just tricked the masses who have no appreciation for cinema or short films into thinking "RIGHT WINGERS WILL HATE THIS, THIS HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE". The gag with the heart popping out was kinda cute but the whole love story went way too fast and was predictable the whole way through. Spend your 4 minutes on any other short movie you find.

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A touching short film on same-sex romance---Considering the fact I live in Australia, I have a feeling that this short film might be classified M rather than G, because of the homosexual theme. That is a double standard, but at the same time it shows that same-sex relationships can be just as touching as opposite-sex relationships.The story was simple, yet so beautiful. The stereotypes of same-sex relationships have been challenged by doing a sexual orientation role reversal in a similar presentation that opposite-sex relationships are often depicted, but there are some differences too. It is not a complete template of a role reversal, where the middle school boy suppressed his attraction to another middle school boy. If it was a template on a opposite-sex relationship, then the love suppressing scene would not be in there in the first place. I wonder if they will do a similar thing, this time with the traditional roles on sexual orientation we are familiar with being reversed, where the middle school boy falls in love with a middle school girl, which could be very interesting. All in all, simple yet beautiful story.The animation in this short is colourful and the music really got and I nearly cried with the use of the music playing, which was so beautiful.I consider this short animated film to be a must watch, since it can be used as a driving force for same-sex marriage becoming a reality, including my country, Australia. This is coming from a heterosexual male who is challenging the stereotypes of heterosexual males himself. I hope this short will not be banned in some countries, like Kuwait and Malaysia, for example. But it seems that the ban in those countries is inevitable. It is a bit of a tear-jerker for me.

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